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Interesting Things to Know about Clone Disk and Disk Cloning Process

Clone disk is the result of disk cloning process, which involves copying the hard drive’s content to a replacement hard drive. It includes system files and file structure and used for backup to restore, upgrade or move data from the drive. Typically, the contents are written to an image file that enables you to do restoration or upgrade without reloading applications and operating system. Cloning is quite different from imaging, which involves copying partitions to the imaging file rather than the whole SSD or solid state drive or HD or hard drive.

Things to Consider When Implementing a Disk Cloning Solution

Master Disk Images Planning

Take note that such disk images can be deployed to lots of public computers or staff computers, so affected parties must have a voice in the image’s development.

Clone disk is the result of disk cloning process, which involves copying the hard drive’s content to a replacement hard drive.

Hardware Purchases Planning

In order for cloning to effectively work, you should have a number of various hardware models. Once you purchase some computers, you would wind up with the patchwork environment and you will need to manage lots of disk images.

Image Deployment

You may perform direct disk-to-disk copy of the image. In short, your destination and source hard drives are connected in the same computer or they are connected through a network. Transfer is direct without intermediate steps. If you will be multicasting and cloning regularly, you must consider having a server for the process.

Difference of Disk Imaging and Disk Cloning

Disk imaging is basically the process to make a backup or archival copy of the whole hard drive contents. Disk image is the storage file, which contains all stored data on source hard drive and necessary information to boot to the OS. But, disk image should be applied to hard drive to work. You cannot restore hard drive through placing disk image files on it. This must be installed and opened on the drive with imaging program. When compared to cloned drives, a hard drive may store some disk images on it. The disk images may also be stored on flash drives and optical media.

Disk cloning, on the other hand, is the process of copying hard drive’s contents to another. This includes all information that allows you to boot operating system from a drive. Cloning program allows you to make a copy of your computer’s hard drive on another hard drive. The hard drive’s second copy may be swapped with the existing hard drive of the computer and can be fully operational. Once you boot a clone disk, the data are the same from the source drive. Cloned drive may also be used for replacing its source drive in the computer in case something happens to the original hard drive.

Disk cloning by image is also different. Once you apply the disk image to the hard drive, you are making a copy of the drive’s original contents. Usually, disk images are used to restore the previous contents of the hard drive or transferring the contents to the new hard drive. But, you may use disk image to make a copy of the hard drive on the second hard drive, which makes it the original drive’s clone.

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