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Common Reasons to Consider a Domain Transfer

You have a growing website that enjoys a daily increase in traffic. Maybe you are planning to get a new hosting plan but did you ever consider a domain transfer? Many website owners often overlook who hosts their domain, not knowing that it plays a critical role in their site’s overall security. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why transferring your domain should be the next step to take:


While it is never a good thing to pay too much, it’s so much worse if you pay too much to a company that doesn’t even do anything at all. Not all registrars are the same, which means their pricing also differ a lot. 

During your search for a new host for your domain name, you have to consider the price and check if the service is even worth it. Doing so will ensure that you don’t blow your budget and you get the best value for your money. 

A domain transfer refers to the process of changing the registrar or control of a domain from one provider to another.

Customer Service 

As your website grows, you should get access to support in different areas, which includes your domain host. Aside from support during the domain transfer, see to it that your new domain host also provides support after it. Some hosts may only have a sales team instead of a support team, and might only lure you into buying extra add-ons. 


Privacy is different from security because it only refers to you and your domain name alone. Although every registrar will claim that they prioritize your privacy, it might not be the case all the time. To clear things up, it might not be an easy task to know the full scope of the private view of a registrar. 

Some of them might not cover all situations in the privacy agreement so make sure you always do your research beforehand. It includes checking their website, searching in Google for matters related to privacy, and reviews from actual customers. It is common for email services to provide and allow integration with other services and applications. While customer reviews may be extreme at times, these can be of great help in cases like this. If the reviews share a common theme, you can almost tell it’s true. 


Security is one of the key focus points of any website. You won’t be happy if your customers start to complain that your website is not accessible or if they are directed to another site. It may be due to a domain name hacker.

It is a type of hacker that holds your domain name for ransom, typically for money. To prevent this from happening, see to it that your chosen new registrar has a domain name lock. It will ensure that the domain doesn’t change until you change it yourself. See to it that the new host will also inform you of changes made in the domain whether you or someone else completed it. 

User Experience

Are your domain name settings easily accessible? If you feel frustrated every time you try to make a change or small task, you can just imagine what will happen if you do something bigger. See to it that you can easily perform the necessary changes to your domain. It will not just help you save stress and time but it will also ultimately benefit your visitors. 

These are just some of the reasons to consider domain transfer. 

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