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Beekeeper Jacket and Other Parts of Professional Bee Suits

Whether you are keeping bees for a living or as a simple hobby, it is a must to use a professional bee suit. The best suits for keeping bees are made up of four main components namely beekeeper jacket, veil and hat, gloves, and pants. 

Beekeeper Jacket 

The beekeeper jacket is often attached to a veil and a hat. It is important to make sure that you are properly sort of sealed in. It will help if there is some elastic around the waist and the wrists. 

Don’t forget that bees can move fast like ninjas. These insects will find even the smallest ways in. This is the reason why you need a jacket with a zipper that can go up beneath the veil. Most manufacturers also offer some kind of protection around the part of convergence that comes in flap form with a Velcro strap.

By wearing a white suit, a beekeeper can open the hive without the bees becoming defensive and attacking.
Bee suit consists of jacket with long sleeves and long pants to protect the beekeeper. Sometimes bee suits will come with a hat and veil as well.

You will also want a jacket with a good quality zip. Even the smallest wardrobe malfunctions can be very catastrophic if ever they occur while you are standing over a colony that is strong and a bit aggressive. Aside from that, you also need to check the stitching holding the garment together. 

Veil and Hat

  • Your head is not only your most important asset as it can also be very sensitive. Your head is the very place where all of your face’s soft flesh can be found.  
  • The least that you can experience after a bee sting is a distracting discomfort. Things can get worse if you are stung around your eye or at the tip of your nose. 
  • This is why you need a good hat and veil combination.  Dark-colored veils are ideal and you also need a hat that protects your head and offers your veil with a support structure.  


While some people find it hard to work with gloves, getting a pair is always a wise idea. Even though bee stings on your fingers might not be as distracting as those on your face, these can still be very painful, making you a bit clumsy that can put you at a more serious risk. 

However, you have to take note that not all beekeeper suits have gloves so you might need to shop for them individually. 


Now, you are gravely and sadly mistaken if you assume that bees will never bother to fly that low. Even if you are wearing the best beekeeper jacket and veil, it would still be in your best interest to put on a pair of long pants and properly tuck them into your socks in case you are not wearing a full beekeeper suit. 

Advice on how to buy beekeeping suits.

Surely, there is no need to get into complete details regarding the damages that bee stings can do to your body’s lower part. 

Aside from your legs, you also need to keep your toes protected. For this purpose, you need to do yourself a favor and wear a good quality pair of boots. These must be bee-proof, comfortable, and easy to move around whatever the terrain is.

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