Is a Scooter Helmet Same as a Bike Helmet?

There is much confusion between a bike helmet and a scooter helmet, especially among those who are buying a helmet for the first time. To put an end to your bewilderment, it’s important to know the differences between these two types of helmets based on several key factors. …

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Keeping your car safe from hail!

Hail is a type of meteorological precipitation that consists of irregularly shaped grains of ice that fall from the sky during a thunderstorm. Hail forms when raindrops floating in storm clouds are hit by cold air currents and freeze, forming ice grains. It is obviously harmful to things and people who find themselves “suffering” from it and it is so in two cases in particular which, in different ways, share the solution.…

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Overview of V-Belt, Serpentine Belt, and Timing Belt

Most vehicle engines today often have two to three belts. It is common to find a timing belt, a serpentine belt, and a V-belt or two. Many car owners are often confused between these three. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with their differences and specific functions. …

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The essential information regarding H7 LED headlights

In recent years, car headlight technology has advanced significantly. Old halogen bulbs gave way to LEDs, HIDs, and even lasers on high-end vehicles. All of these lights are more potent than standard headlights, require less energy to operate, and have a more stylish appearance. They appear to be an easy improvement for practically any car, to put it briefly.
The issue is that it is illegal to install H7 LED bulbs into vehicles that did not come equipped with such headlights from the factory. Additionally, since H7 LED lights installed as stock on a car must be changed by a …

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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Roof Load Carriers

Having the option to carry cargo on your car is perfect for large items, long trips, and other stuff that you need to haul or take somewhere else. The beauty of roof load carriers is that they can improve the hauling capabilities of all vehicles, small and large alike. 

In fact, most of the time, a roof is all that you need. This short guide gives you an insight into the different types of cargo roof racks and their respective pros and cons. …

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Why Do You Need a Bumper Protector?

One of the first things that most car dealers ask car buyers, with the more competent ones even recommending it, is if you want to install a bumper protector or bumper guard.

Now, you might be wondering if you should follow their suggestion or not. The bumper guard, after all, might just seem like an unnecessary add-on at face value, an accessory that may feel like nothing but a waste of money. …

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Hail and cars: what to do

Not running for cover in a storm can become a problem, not only for your car but also for your wallet. In fact, in the event of very strong hailstorms, and without adequate prevention, your vehicle could suffer considerable damage.…

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Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Motorcycle Helmets

Gone are the days when motorcycle helmets are just mere safety accessories. Today, motorcycle and scooter helmets are seen as lifestyle accessories. Shopping for a helmet is actually one of the most important decisions you have to make before you even get yourself a two-wheeler.

When it comes to buying helmets, there are a few mistakes you should never do to ensure that you get the right gear that will keep you safe and sound during your ride. …

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Quick Tips to Keep Your Winter Tires in Mint Condition

Depending on where you live, your snow or winter tires might be used often or just occasionally. But, no matter how frequent you are using your tires, it is a must to know how you can best take care of them both when they are in storage and when they are on your car to keep them in their best condition possible. Maintaining and caring for your snow tires properly can go a long way to help you save money and stay safe at the same time. …

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