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How Do You Pick the Right Work Clothes?

The modern workforce is different from what it used to be in the past. Company culture is now starting to change to offer better flexibility to employees in terms of where and when they work and even the work clothes they can wear. 

To ensure that your work attire suits your situation, here are a few tips to remember:

Pick a Nice Pair of Shoes 

For offices with no dress codes, dress shoes might feel and look too formal for the setting. When unsure about what shoes to wear, like sneakers or sandals, ask your supervisor. Even if your colleague is wearing flip-flops, it doesn’t mean that this work attire is acceptable. The rule here is to ensure that your work shoes are clean and neat. 

work clothes and shoes
Ensure that your work shoes are clean and neat.

Keep Colors and Prints Fun and Professional 

For casual work settings, you must not feel bound to stick to all grey or black. Integrate patterns, textures, and prints into your work clothes to add a touch of brightness to even the most casual outfits. 

You can also try swapping out your usual denim for a subdued floral printed pair of jeans. You can also go for khakis in salmon colour instead of beige. 

The addition of a workplace-suitable but unexpected touch is the best way to strike the perfect balance between business casual and too casual. 

Add Easy Accessories to Polish Your Appearance

If you are used to more formal work clothes and you don’t feel that comfortable in the usual basic jeans and T-shirt but you still wish to blend with the company culture, you can use simple accessories to dress up the most basic outfits. 

Smart-casual work clothing
Integrate patterns, textures, and prints.

You can try wearing a scarf or adding a statement pair of earrings or necklace. You can also top your T-shirt with a casual blazer. You see, there are different ways of refining a casual look with no need to resort to dressing in pants or button-down shirts. 

Think Casual Restaurant 

For no dress code workplaces, chances are it follows an informal casual dress code. Wear any work clothes you want but don’t forget that certain aspects of your look will still be assumed like a clean and neat look. 

Think of what you wear to a casual dinner or Sunday brunch with your friends. Your goal is to look nice while still being comfortable. You can use it as your guide when picking your clothes for work.

Think of what you wear to a casual dinner or Sunday brunch with your friends.

Wear What Boosts Your Confidence

Finally, when it comes to modern offices with no dress code, you can wear work attire that makes you feel most confident and still let you express your unique personal style. After all, this is what flexibility in the workplace is all about. Choose clothes that give your self-esteem a boost which can also do wonders in increasing your level of productivity. 

The next time you need to shop for work clothes either for yourself or for someone else as a gift, be sure to consider the tips above to pick the right professional attire. 

work attire
Choose clothes that give your self-esteem a boost.

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