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Unique Living Room Shelving Ideas

Out of all the different shelves around your home, living room shelving is the favorite to style among interior designers. Unlike the shelves in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, the shelves in your living room don’t have to achieve that balance between function and form. 

You don’t even need to use these shelves to store toiletries and crockery. Living room shelves can be used purely for aesthetic purposes and nothing else. Living room shelves are the perfect spot for showcasing all of your treasured stuff while creating an interesting focal point. 

These shelves can be used to display a combination of smaller items like prints and vases with bigger statement sculptures. Filling your shelves with interesting artifacts also offers the opportunity to add striking texture and color to a room. 

Even though curating the perfect living room shelving may be trickier than it sounds, your goal here is to come up with displays rich in character but feel effortless without being overly curated or cluttered.

Below are some ideas to help you create the most striking living room shelves no matter what you plan to display or what style you like:

Freshen Up with Greenery

All spaces can always use a touch of green and the shelves in your living room are definitely not an exception to the rule. Use plants as décor to bring life to your shelves. 

Bringing the outdoors in offers a lot of benefits, most of which go beyond simple aesthetics. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb because you can always go faux if you like. 

Living room shelving with some greenery
Freshen up your living room shelving with some greenery.

Experiment with Height Varieties

Never hesitate to experiment with more prominent accessories so you can add various levels to your living room shelving to come up with something fresh and new. 

For example, you can use some metal vases to create different height levels with the shelf area itself. It will add more depth to the shelving space to create an ultra-luxe look. To balance things out, you can also add smaller items around the extra big vases to ensure stability. 

Mix Different Textures 

  • One of the simplest but most effective ways to achieve an amazing interior design is to mix textures.
  • Just add florals or a cushion to add a touch of softness to your living room shelving space and add serenity to the area. 
  • For example, putting some flowers inside ta metallic gold lantern will help you achieve a contrast of textures.
  • It also works well to mix materials like metals and glass.
  • Personalize your interior spaces by displaying maps of your favorite places. If you are a collector of ancient maps, you can brighten up the space with an archaic map, such as a map of ancient Arabia.

Cohesive Variety 

When trying to decide on the items to add and where to place them, try combining continuity and variety. Every shelf must contain objects of different sizes and heights. It will make it a more interesting composition compared to a row of stuff with the same proportions. 

Living room shelving ideas

Colors, finishes, and shapes must be repeated throughout to achieve cohesion. These repeated elements can transform what seems to be an unrelated grouping into a tastefully curated collection. 

Use these living room shelving ideas and transform your space in no time!

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