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Top 5 reasons to buy a house in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in Western Europe. Its economy mainly comprises the banking and financial industry. Luxembourg has been discussed as a possible secret tax haven where companies can hide their money from authorities in their own countries. As a result, most of the population is very wealthy and real estate prices are above average, both for properties that are inhabitedand those that are for sale.

This is the reason why Ville de Luxembourg, the country’s capital, has one of the highest number of millionaires per capita in the world .


Luxembourg is known for its tax benefits, and because most people who work orlive in the country are foreigners, this also refers to your tax situation. You can opt for either a non-resident taxpayer status or a special tax scheme that only applies to residents from outside Luxembourg .

Banking and financial centre

Luxembourg is an international banking centre as well as the second largest investment fund centre in the Eurozone, after London .

Exchange and business-friendly policy

Luxembourg is the second smallest Eurozone country in terms of area and it has a population of about half a million. This makes it easier to do business with Luxembourg, as everything is closer and more accessible. The working language in most companies is English, which also contributes to its business-friendly environment.

High standard of living

The high standard of living in Luxembourg comes from the low level of taxes for both individuals and corporations. In addition, income earned by expats abroad but brought into Luxembourg through interest payments on foreign investment accounts are not taxed at all.

Buying a Bled property

Bled Property is Beauty at Its Finest 

Slovenia is named one of the world’s top destinations for investors with up to a 300% forecast growth rate in the next 10 years. Buying a Bled property, in particular, is a popular choice for many foreign buyers for many good reasons.

Stability and security

Luxembourg is one of the few European countries that are not facing major economic or political risks . This is one of the main reasons why real estate prices have remained stable in recent years, making it an interesting location for second home buyers.

If you are considering buying a house in Luxembourg ( , first take into consideration these top five reasons to live here. Then find out whether buying property is actually possible and how to go about it by contacting your preferred Estate Agent , who can guide you through the process.

The issue of home ownership, or lack thereof, is one that has been blamed for everything from rising crime rates to the stagnation of the middle class. Some have even gone so far as to blame shortage of homeownership on social ills such as racism and sexism. Yet despite these complaints, not everyone wants to own a home; at least not their own home. The benefits of living in rental housing include freedom from upkeep and repair responsibilities , much lower upfront costs (when compared with buying) , and the ability to leave when you find an ideal location (or renter) .

Looking at this issue strictly from an economic standpoint, it seems clear that both renting and owning offer distinct financial advantages over the other. While there areno monthly mortgage payments associated with renting, renters do not have the potential to build equity by paying off a portion of their home each month. In contrast, those who own their houses realize savings as they progress towards the goal of full repayment of their mortgage debt . However, there are hidden costs to owning that those considering buying a home rarely consider : property taxes, maintenance and upkeep , fees for homeowners’ insurance , and–at least in some cases–the cost of hiring a professional to clean the house on a regular basis.

Renters can more easily limit their moving expenses since it is often unnecessary to purchase new furniture or appliances . On the other hand, homeowners typically invest time and money on improving or altering existing structures. For example, many people choose to install new floors, appliances , and paint the rooms in order to make moving less costly. Some do not even bother with these improvements; instead opting to hire professional cleaners or spend time doing household chores themselves.

When you consider the costs of both activities–buying versus renting –it seems clear that there is no advantage associated with either option. Each offers distinct disadvantages as well as advantages . Therefore, each individual will need to carefully assess his or her own needs before deciding what sort of housing situation would best suit him or her at any given point in time. No matter what choice one makes, however, it is important for them to understand exactly what they are getting themselves into.

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