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Slovenia Spa Selections for Ultimate Relaxation

If you have ever been to Slovenia, you probably know that no trip will ever be complete without trying a Slovenia spa

Since the Roman era, the one-of-a-kind hot mineral waters of Slovenia were an epithet for health in Europe’s royal courts. Through the centuries, people pampered and basked themselves in the thermal Slovenian springs. The soothing effects of these springs have given character and distinction to the towns that are currently living with them. 

Right under the rich heritage of Slovenia and its gorgeous sun, several registered natural spas and health resorts were developed. If you feel like you can use some pampering, here are some of the spas that you might want to add to your list:

Thermana Laško

Even the Ancient Romans were familiar with the mystical strength of the thermal springs of Laško. The medicinal effects of the area’s thermal spring have been proven through a lifetime experience of treats of the chronic spine and joint inflammation, hypertension, disability of extremities, and heavy injuries. Thermana Laško boasts of a great tradition that spans 156 years. Amazing, isn’t it? Among all the treatments you can also experience holistic wellness with Ayurveda in Thermana Lasko.

Perfect family weekend in Slovenia spa Thermana Laško

Čatež Thermal Spa

With water attractions of almost 12,000 square meters, Čatež Thermal Spa is the country’s biggest thermal pool complex. Nestled on the Sava River’s right bank in southeast Slovenia, 10 kilometers from the border of Croatia and 40 kilometers from Novo Mesto, the spa offers relaxation and fun for the entire family. 

LifeClass Hotels & Spa, Portorož

  • Portorož is an area that has long been known since the 13th century as a Slovenia spa site. The Benedictines treated water jams, obesity, and rheumatism in the body with brine and seawater. 
  • LifeClass Hotels & Spa continues the rich tradition of using therapeutic natural ingredients and harnessing the power of the ancient sciences, the Sečovlje saltpans, the Mediterranean climate, the sea, and state-of-the-art medical technology and knowledge in their treatments. 

Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort

Nestled between grass terrains and forests, Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort is in the shelter of the Dolenjska hills right outside an urban settlement. The most special feature of this Slovenia spa is the 9 orderly Nordic walking trails. This health center is recognized and valued mainly for its efficient treatment of cardiovascular and heart diseases. 

Pamper yourself in Slovenia spa
Come to a Slovenia spa and relax completely.

Zreče Thermal Spa

This thermal spa boasts an alpine climate, the one-of-a-kind Pohorje peat, and medicinal thermal water. Zreče Thermal Spa is located amid Pohorje’s verdant green forests. A good climate and oxygen-rich work together to offer beneficial effects on the respiratory system. 

The spa, the mild semi-alpine climate, and the infinite selection of sports make this Slovenia spa a great destination no matter what time of the year it is. 

Ptuj Thermal Spa

  • Probably one of the country’s youngest spas, Ptuj Spa has only been in operation for 35 years and is located in the oldest city of Slovenia which takes pride in its Medieval and Roman heritage.
  • The Thermal Park is the special feature here with 4,200 square meters of outdoor and indoor water surface and Slovenia’s biggest water slide system. 
  • Combining centuries of rich tradition, all these Slovenia spa selections are at the very core of what the county has to offer to health-conscious visitors and locals alike.

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