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Hail and cars: what to do

Not running for cover in a storm can become a problem, not only for your car but also for your wallet. In fact, in the event of very strong hailstorms, and without adequate prevention, your vehicle could suffer considerable damage.

A car damaged by hail risks being considered scrap, of little value and a danger, even by your insurance. In the most serious cases, however, the car could even be no longer insurable as it is too devastated by hail to be able to identify new damage in it. This is why having an adequate anti-hail cover is the best solution.

Mechanic smoothing dents caused by hail on a car without hail protection
Small dents on the exterior of the vehicle left in hailstorm without car hail protection, can be treated with the removal of damaged paint and smoothing of dents by a mechanic. 

Damage to vehicles without a hail cover

The most common type is cosmetic damage with intact paint: this type of hail damage causes small dents on the exterior of the vehicle, has not deeply scratched the paint and can be treated with the removal of damaged paint and smoothing of dents by a mechanic. 

Cosmetic damage with scratched paint: These are dents that scratch the paint. They cannot simply be repaired by removing paint and smoothing dents. In this case, it will probably be necessary to replace the affected skirt, usually at a very high cost.

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Parallel parking is not easy so it is only understandable if you mess up at times. A light scrape here, a little bump there is common. You may even accidentally bump your vehicle into a dumpster or pole when you are trying to reverse into a parking spot. This is why if you install a bumper protector, you don’t have to worry every time you hit the vehicle at your back when you are trying to squeeze in between two cars. 

Severe damage with intact paint

In this situation, the mechanical systems of the vehicle were damaged by a strong hailstorm. At the same time, the paintwork has not been altered, so the exterior can still be treated with paint and dent removal.

Severe damage on a car, caused by a hailstorm. To avoid it, buy protection against it in car accessories store.

Serious damage with scratches: The worst case scenario. In this situation, mechanical repairs are required and the vehicle will likely need replacement of the exterior panels.

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