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Family Activities That Make Celje Real Estate Popular

Celje is the third largest city in Slovenian that boasts a pleasing old town vibe and stunning views no matter where you look. The beauty of the place and all its attractions are the reasons behind the surging demand for Celje real estate.

The Romans built Celje as Celeia during the 1st century AD. It was a densely populated and prosperous wall town located on the Roman road leading to Pannonia from Aquileia to Savinja River located 74 kilometers northeast of the capital city of Ljubljana. 

Pronounced as tselyeh, Celje enjoyed its second glorious period as a principality during the Middle Ages under the affluent Counts of Celje. The Habsburgs ruled the place from 1456 to 1918. 

If you are looking for a new property for your family, here are some of the fun and kid-friendly activities that await you in Celje:

Explore Celje Castle 

The spectacular medieval Celje Castle is perched on a hilltop right in the heart of the city. Celje Castle is the best place to be where you can see scenic views of the entire cityscape. It also features numerous historical exhibits that you and your kids will surely love. 

Celje Castle
As Slovenia’s largest and most significant medieval stronghold, the Celje Castle complex stands unmatched in its historic importance

Go for a Ride on Celje Funicular

The Celje Funicular is a celebrated funicular railway running between Celje Castle and the city center. Going for a ride on the funicular gives you a unique way of seeing the city and its stunning views. 

Visit the Museums 

Celje real estate properties are also a short distance away from the different museums in the area, such as the Celje Gallery of Fine Arts, the Celje Museum of Natural History, and the Slovenian National Museum where kids can learn more about the area and other exciting discoveries. 

Spend Time at Celje Regional Museum

A gorgeous Renaissance edifice located in the Old Town serves as the home to Celje Regional Museum. The museum chronicles the rich history of the city and features several interesting exhibits. 

Pamper Yourself at Thermana Laško near Celje

Local and international visitors alike love Thermana Laško for a reason. This spa features an extensive selection of spa treatments, saunas, and pools for the ultimate rest and relaxation. 

Try Snowboarding and Skiing 

Probably one of the top reasons why the Celje real estate market is booming is because of the numerous ski resorts in the area, such as Kope, Rogla, and Pohorje. These ski resorts feature different trails that cater to all levels of snowboarders and skiers. 

Cycle and Hike in Celje 

With its strategic location in the Slovenian Alps, Celje also offers numerous cycling and hiking trails. Don’t forget to head over to Celje Mountains and see the panoramic views with your own two eyes. 

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Celje, Slovenia with our urban walking tour

Wander Around the Old Town 

The Old Town of Celje is a charming and quaint pedestrian zone where you can marvel at some historical landmarks and buildings. Some of the must-visit attractions include the Old Town Hall, the Pilgrimage Church of Maria Hilf, and the Celje Cathedral. 

Find the best Celje real estate property and let your whole family enjoy all these activities! 

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