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Dog Food Storage Tips

Dogs are known to be voracious eaters feeding on both non-gross and gross stuff. This means that if you want to ensure that your pup is eating well for his own good, most of the work is your responsibility alone. After all, you are the one who decides what, when, and how they eat. It is also part of your job to store dog food properly. 

You might not know it, but food storage plays a key role in making sure that your pup eats right and stays healthy. Here are some helpful tips for storing your pup’s food. 

Check “Best By” Dates

Dry canine food bags have “best by” dates that indicate the length of time you can keep them. Many dog owners check the dates on the bag to make sure that their pup is eating safely. However, what a lot of owners don’t know is that the moment you open that bag, the date will no longer be accurate. 

Pet parents must make sure that the food is consumed a month after you open it despite being stored properly. It means that most of the time, those “best by” dates are not the best representation of the food’s level of freshness. 

Seal Wet Dog Food and Refrigerate It

Wet or canned canine food can last for some time if it is unopened. But the moment you open one, you only got 24 hours to store it if your dog doesn’t finish everything. Any unfinished food can be kept in the fridge for 3 to 5 days after you open it. 

Video with advice on how to store dog food properly.

However, see to it that is securely sealed and inspect it carefully before giving it to your pup. Toss it out if it already looks or smells different. The last thing you want is to put your pup’s health at risk

Seal Bags

Once you open that dog food bag, its freshness also dissipates. Air will not just dry out food. It can also contaminate it, so you have to lessen its exposure to the elements as much as possible. You can close up the bags with a bag clip and make sure that the bag is completely airtight.

Store the opened dog food in an airtight container or seal up the bag.
Once you open the dog food bag, you should make sure that you store the reast of the dog food in airtight containers in refrigerator or you close up the bags with a bag clip. Without it the opened dog food will dry out.

Airtight containers can also be useful here because they can keep the freshness in while keeping the air out. If you plan to use an airtight container, make sure you keep the food in its original bag before putting it in the container. The label contains important manufacturer information, codes, and dates that you might need to check later if defects occur. 

Keep It in a Dry, Cool Place

  • To retain the shelf life and nutritional value of dry dog food, it is also a must that you store it in a dry and cool area.
  • Moisture may result in mold formation in foods and dry kibble is not an exception here. This means you need to avoid spots more prone to extreme heat and moisture such as garages when storing your dog’s food. 
  • Proper dog food storage is crucial to keeping your pup healthy, safe, and happy.

Follow these tips to make Fido eat well all the time!

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